Start Finding Industry Specific Keywords

The first thing that you need to do to start finding industry-specific keyword phrases is to know how the Google Keyword Search Volume Database works. The Google Keyword Searches Volume Database contains very useful information about search volume for specific keywords throughout the internet. You can drill down into any of the individual keywords to find out where they are found. This will help you focus on keyword database that are more specific to your industry, which is where many of your customers will be coming from. You need to target the right keywords to help increase your search engine optimization traffic.

The second step to start finding industry-specific keyword phrases is to use a keyword research tool like the one I mention below. I highly recommend that you spend some time using the free tools at Google keyword research. These free tools will give you very insightful information about the search terms and competitive situations. They also have an amazing amount of data on web pages. Once you start digging into it, you’ll be amazed at all of the information you’ll be able to gather.

The third step is to take all of the keyword lists you’ve accumulated and create a master list. Make sure that you create a spreadsheet specifically for your keywords. On each sheet you should have a title, description, and a list of the searches performed for each of your selected keywords. This spreadsheet will be very useful when you begin your keyword research.

The fourth and final step to start finding industry-specific keywords is to get your keyword research tools and begin to analyze the search data. Once you have all of your keywords in hand-and you’ve identified which keywords are the most competitive and which ones you think will be the easiest to dominate, you can begin your keyword research. You should always conduct a search on any product or service related to your industry; however, this should not be the only criterion for selecting a keyword.

The keyword research tools available today will help you identify high traffic websites and phrases within those sites, allowing you to focus on that specific group rather than attempting to dominate keywords that are less targeted. The keyword research tools will also help you determine where those keywords are being searched, giving you the opportunity to target that area. As stated before, you should always conduct a keyword search on any product or service related to your industry. In addition, you should make a list of keywords related to your industry that you know you will be able to dominate and use to your advantage.

Now that you understand how using keywords as a strategy can improve your search engine ranking, you may be wondering how to make it work for your small business. The answer is to make sure that all of your website content and marketing materials are geared toward using keywords that have the highest search volume. You want to write articles, web copy and submit your web pages to directories using targeted keywords and you want to utilize keywords in all of your online advertising and communications. Keyword research and keyword planning are the keys to successfully positioning yourself and your company online and using keywords in your advertising and communications efforts will help your company achieve greater visibility and higher search volume which will translate into more visitors and more customers.

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