Maruti Ertiga Vs Honda Mobilio

Rewind a few years back and concepts like MPV, MUV, sports tourer etc drew blank stares from Indian buyers. Only SUVs ruled the roost and that too boxy type cars from M&M, Tata etc. However car makers, in an advent to create more markets Spesifikasi kijang innova more customers have created a host of new segments.

Multi-Utility Vehicles, as the name goes, are soft-roaders, that is, they are not equipped to handle rough terrain, but are more useful for lugging around big families and bigger luggage. Toyota’s Innova has been market leader with no serious competition for many years. But now with the launch of Maruti’s Ertiga, followed by Honda Mobilio and now with the newest kid on the block, Renault’s Lodgy, let’s take a look how all the cars stack up against each other.

Renault’s Lodgy is fitted with Duster’s engine and is the second best one, the top rank goes to the Innova. However, the Lodgy is expected to perform better than the Innova because of the mileage factor which is a huge draw for Indian customers.

Lodgy gives a mileage of 21.04 kmpl, which is second only to Mobilio’s 24.2 kmpl, whereas Innova is a laggard at 11.2 kmpl. Innova’s kerb weight which is high at around 1680 kg might be a big factor contributing towards the low milage.

Coming to the suspension system, apart from the Innova, all the three cars are fitted with MacPherson struts. The Innova is fitted with Double Wishbone Suspensions System. Both the systems have their pros and cons. MacPherson struts have a simpler design, resulting in more space in the car compartment. They are easier to manufacture and cheaper too.

However, they are not as stable as the Double Wishbone, which is its most major drawback. But, on the other hand, Double Wishbone is much more costly and has a complicated deisgn. To conclude, double wishbones may perform better, but the MacPherson struts would prove to be more affordable in the long run.

The Innova and Lodgy have an option of 7/8 seater variants, whereas the Ertiga and Mobilio offer only 7 seater options. Lodgy has the longest wheelbase at 2810 mm and hence is the most spacious of the lot, when it filled to full capacity of 7/8 people.

However, when filled to full capacity, nothing can beat the Innova at the boot space it offers of 300 litres. Lodgy lacks on the boot space front when all the 3 rows are upright.

Price wise, Renault’s car is placed between the Ertiga and Mobilio on the lower side and Innova on the upper side. Hence, it is an excellent option for people who do not want to spend above 10-11 lacs to buy the Innova. Also, Innova is in its advanced life cycle and people are always looking for newer options. This would give a much needed edge to the Lodgy, compared to its competition.

Maruti and Honda have a wider network, which is a plus point for them, but with the mega success of the Duster has proved that people are gung-ho about the Renault too!!

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