Loose Diamond Colour Chart

Loose diamond prices are determined by four factors – carat, colour, cut and clarity. GIA has a colour scale that grades loose diamonds in alphabets from D to Z depending on the intensity of colour. When you buy loose diamonds from online stores, choose the colours that not only complement your jewellery design, but also fit into your budget as well.

Loose Diamond Colour Chart
Diamond prices depend on four important factors – carat, colour, cut and clarity. When you are buying diamonds online, you should have an idea of these factors so that you can get the maximum value for your money. Carat refers to the weight of a diamond stone, while cut describes the technical details of the stone; the number of facets and planes on the diamond. During the diamond formation process, many inclusions maybe formed inside the stone, which affect the clarity of the stone. Loose diamonds come in a plethora of colours and shades such as black, pink, yellow, and more. A white or colourless diamond is priced higher than a stone that has a tinge of yellow in it. So, while choosing a diamond stone, pick a colour that not only suits your requirement, but also stays within your budget. In order to make a wise choice, you should first have an idea of how diamonds are graded based on their colours.

GIA has a diamond colour scale that is used almost universally to grade the colour of these precious stones. Let’s take a quick look at this colour grading scale.

When you buy diamonds in India, 鑽石淨度 for D, E and F-graded diamonds if you want completely colourless or white diamonds. The differences between these grades are very minute and can be identified only by a trained expert. So, if you want to buy colourless diamonds, you can save a lot on diamond prices by choosing an F graded diamond stone instead of a D grade. These stones look great when set on platinum and white gold, as these metals enhance the colourless effect of the stone.

Near Colourless
These diamonds are graded as G, H, I and J, and feature faint traces of colour. The price of near colourless diamonds is considerably less than colourless ones. Have these loose diamonds set on yellow gold metal and you can hardly find the difference between a colourless and near colourless diamond.

Faint Colour
Featuring a tint of yellow that can be identified by an untrained eye, faint-coloured diamond stones come with a price tag that is nearly half of a G-graded diamond. Grades that identify these diamonds are K, L and M.

Very Light Colour
Identified by grades from N to R, these loose diamonds have a yellow or brown tint that is clearly visible. These diamonds are comparatively inexpensive, and are generally not used in jewellery designs.

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