Horse Racing Tips and Angles for the Best Bet of the Day

Horse racing handicapping is all about finding good bets that will show a profit in the long run. A good handicapper is able to estimate a runner’s chances of winning and to 토토사이트 that into a reasonable price or odds. For instance, if he knows that one horse has a 33% chance of winning, then any odds over 2-1 will show a profit because the minimum payoff for 2-1 is $6 and a $2 base bet on three races is $6. That’s pretty simple math though trying to learn how to estimate the actual probability can take a lifetime.

Many professional handicappers have one or two angles that they use for their best bets of the day. They look for a special situation and when they find a horse in that situation they pounce on it at the betting windows. While that one angle may constitute the runner they wager the most on, they’ll often have a few other angles that they will play as well.

There’s a difference between a professional horse player and a public handicapper. The public handicapper usually gives odds and predictions for a race track or a local newspaper or even one of the data or program services. He or she may offer a best bet of the day, but will also have to rate the horses in each race.

As you may know, playing every race is financial suicide. Imagine you are a public handicapper and have to offer odds on a race that is a complete mystery to you and everyone else on the planet. The handicapper can’t just walk away or skip it so he or she will put odds on the horses, but probably won’t bet any money on the event.

However, that being said, the public handicapper will have his or her pick of the races and be able to choose one that offers a decent bet. The only problem is, of course, that there may not be such a race on the card. The pro, on the other hand, can sit out every race on the card. I sometimes here people speak derisively of public handicappers and say they couldn’t pick them like a pro. That’s not always the case, they can pick them like a pro because the pro only plays the races and days he wants to play.

Therefore, when you’re looking at the tips and angles and best bets of the public handicappers bear in mind that while they may a bet is the best bet of the day, that doesn’t mean they think it is actually a good bet. There’s a world of difference, but they do have to write something and produce a best bet every day.

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