Create A Jungle Themed Kids Room, Nursery or Play Space

In a fantasy jungle themed room, some of the walls are made to look like the outside rainforest, while some can be kept neutral to look like the inside of a jungle hut. To get started on a jungle room, plan out which walls will be the outside area and which will be the interior of the jungle hut. You can make all four be the outside, or just one or two accent walls.

Then, clear out the room and prepare the walls. Paint those walls white or blue – the color of sky – then add a rainforest mural with stencils, paint by number mural kits or vinyl details. Paint all the walls, or just one or two. Paint the remaining walls a neutral color, like the inside of a hut. For an added detail, frame out the rainforest wall with a little plywood or scrap lumber so that it looks like you’re looking out a window at the forest.

Decorate the interior of the hut with simple pictures in natural or bamboo frames. Hang up sticks or branches – available in the floral supply department of craft and home goods jungle boys – and a toy hammock to display plush jungle animals.

For furniture, use bamboo or wicker pieces, or inexpensive furniture painted to look rustic. A simple bed with a wood or metal frame makes a great cot in the jungle hut.

Some fun accessories include grass skirts to decorate tables and windows, toy lanterns and camping supplies, and plush jungle animals displayed around the room. For older boys, decorate with safari action figures like GI Joe.

Some larger than life finishing touches:

Create a canopy over the bed with mosquito netting, muslin or canvas.

Transform a plain armoire or cabinet into a jungle hut. Paint it brown or tan, or cover with placemats made of bamboo. Construct an A frame roof from board or scrap lumber. Attach artificial jungle birds or small stuffed animals.

Cover old trunks and suitcases with travel stickers for extra storage.

Add a hammock or simple swing in the room, if the room is large enough and children are old enough to play on them safely.

Keep safety in mind when decorating a jungle room. As with any child’s room, decorations and furniture must be secure and firmly attached to a wall to avoid toppling. Keep items and curtains away from beds. Don’t put any items that include sharp edges or toxic materials in the room.

Your child will love to play and explore in a jungle safari room, and with its neutral d├ęcor and sophisticated look, it will last for many childhood years.

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