A Look at the Benefits of Organic Fiber Clothing

The biggest hurdle for retailers of organic and sustainable fiber clothing is consumer understanding of the value added optical fiber ribbon machine of buying such products. Proper management of renewable natural resources, organic growing methods, green production practices and easy care properties, benefit the environment by promoting ecological balance, eliminating contaminants to the soil and ground waters, and reducing human exposure to toxic pesticides, fertilizers, and cleaning solutions. Additional costs to establish an organic growing environment and to assure environmentally responsible manufacturing, results in slightly higher retail prices as opposed to non-organic or non-sustainable counterparts.


Considered the fastest-growing and most renewable plant on Earth, bamboo is an incredibly sustainable resource needing no pesticide or fertilizer to grow. Its root system continually sends up new shoots naturally replenishing the crop preventing erosion and damage to the environment. Bamboo is also biodegradable.

Bamboo Clothing is extremely soft, highly breathable and its moisture wicking properties make it perfect for warm weather wear as well as an ideal base for layering in cold weather. Hypoallergenic, its anti-fungal antibacterial properties keep Bamboo Clothing staying ‘fresh’ longer. It is extremely comfortable, drapes well, and is easy to clean.


Quick growing and robust, hemp is another sustainable plant that is able to grows in diverse soil conditions. Referred to as a carbon-negative raw material it is good both for the atmosphere and the soil, adding more essential nutrients into the soil than it uses. Requiring no pesticides or fertilizers, hemp actually cleans the area it is in of weeds and has a high yield ratio- about ten tons a year per acre. Although crop production is not allowed in the US, raw materials are imported.

New eco processing of hemp has resulted in softer fibers making new Hemp Clothing comfortable against the skin. Because it is cellulose rich, the fibers are extremely strong making Hemp Clothing very durable. The hollow fibers capture heat for thermal winter wear and keep heat away from the body for cool wear in warm weather. Antimicrobial properties actually kill bacteria allowing a hemp garment to be worn several times before requiring laundering.

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