4 Best Reasons to Choose One

Spray on bed liners are a popular addition to pickup trucks for several reasons. But is an expensive bed liner really necessary or just a fad? Do you really need a bed liner and if so would another type of liner be just as good as a spray on liner?

Let’s look at four of the several reasons truck owners choose a spray on bedliner on liner for pickup trucks.

Reason 1 – Protection

Pickup trucks are made for hauling things. But if you haul most anything, even just groceries, you risk scratching the paint on the truck bed. A scratch through the paint down to the metal is a perfect place for rust to start. Once rust starts it’s very hard to stop. No matter how careful you are, some hauling jobs will damage the bed paint. Think about hauling a few concrete blocks for example! A professional spray on liner is permanent, tough, durable and repairable.

Reason 2 – Looks

A spray on coating makes any truck bed, new or old, look better. The coatings from different companies have different textures and vary in appearance, but they all look less bland and more interesting than stock painted beds.

Reason 3 – Colors

Unlike most other kinds of bed liners, spray on liners are available in colors. Choose a color to complement the paint on your truck. The newest liners are UV resistant so no graying and chalking over time due to sun exposure. The colors give you more options to make your truck stand out from the crowd.

Reason 4 – Guarantee

Careful preparation before application is a must for a sprayed on liner. All major applicators furnish a warranty so you know the job will be done right. The coatings are repairable too. So even if you gouge or in some other way damage the lining, it can be fixed quickly so the repair is hardly noticeable.

Choose a spray on bed liner and you can protect your truck while making it look better and be more useful.

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